Wake up.

I know you're there and waiting. You radiate love and all the feelings of gratitude. You feel like home. I hope you know that. I was floating away but you were my anchor. I hold on with all my body but you overtook me with your love. My strength was unneeded in the battle. You took hold of me as I was floating away and you saved me. I let go and drifted. I know who you are. You radiate everything I want and I want everything you radiate. A clever little circle of the damned, if I do say so myself and I do, again and again and again.

I wake up as the previous morning sets. "Good morning." The moon is rising and things seem hazy. I think another adventure must begin and soon. Onward to the balloon of hate and misery for it is you who we must fight! The stars twinkle with an eerie blue glow as the dragon fires up. "I think we must set sail indeed!" - our captain yells.

We are the nightly pirates. We fight the balloon of hate and misery that the child on stupidity let go of as he was running around in the parking lot of ever-present sales and discounts. We shall survive. Fight for justice, democracy and juicy lollipops.

We are indeed insane.