As the saying goes, live every day as it was your last because one day it will be.

Schools on and I'm afraid it won't be off for another year. Everything will slowly start to "shake into place" and "get on track" but something is still amiss. Something deep within the bowels of our society and nation. A certain kind of hate and despise that simply won't dumb down or die no matter how hard you try to ignore it. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm talking about pancakes. These round omnipresent products are the scourge that rattle the suburban, urban and other -ban lifestyles every day. Millions of people suffer from this unfair state in the current balance of people and pancakes. It has been the plague haunting our everyday lives for hundreds of years.

To even this each and every single person must devour all the pancakes he or she can for the good of human kind - preferably with honey or jam. This is vital for our happiness and well-being as well as for the survival of the human race. So what I suggest is that you sit down one day, at least one member of the opposite sex should be present, and begin consuming pancakes. Tea helps.

Yet another secret announcement - don't tell anyone!