This is TheZin's ego speaking. He is currently on the floor laughing his ass off and at the same time bleeding from the eyes, ears and every other orifice because of the level of crappy English currently occupying the web. You need not be Shakespeare or Tolkien but understand that a person's intelligence is directly credited to his ability to express himself. If you are nationally English so much the worse.

If you can not express yourself exceptionally well in English you need to state so immediately. I can understand that some people are foreign and do not understand English and must use translators to express themselves - this is all well and good because most translators actually write the words correctly. When you state that you are using a translator it makes life easier for everyone, trust me it does.

For me, personally, it is a shame to see that more and more young people lose interest in correct grammar and simply feel the need to express their pointless, inane and idiotic message as fast as possible making little to no effort in making it understandable - really I do. Such shortcuts as
"the -> teh"
"you -> u"
"heh -> lol"
"know - no"

hurt me in more ways than one.
It isn't even laziness - you are just unintelligent and probably way too young to use the Internet. The web was created by some of the most intelligent people on earth and unfortunately it has been completely overwhelmed by people with IQ-s lower than their knees. A side note: smileys are not, were not and will not ever be funny, original or worth the time spent on writing / choosing them.

In all likelihood you do not even understand half of the words in this reply and I have no problem with admitting that you are incapable of learning basic English and, among other things, are dumb enough to not use translators to comprehend me but please, oh please, do not try to use your crappy-ass worthless English in this forum.

Sincerely yours, a grammar Nazi and complete dick.
TheZin and his ego.