adies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Freaks, weirdos and outcasts of all shapes, ages and colours - gather round and listen to a tale of woe and misery. One which is both tragic and humorous. You will laugh and you shall cry. Your view of the world will stay unaltered but the views of others will change to abominations once you hear this ironic story.

The hero of our story is but a young lad at the age of seventeen but he has already seen much of the worlds problems and in his mind has all the answers. He must embark upon a noble quest to find his soul mate and his place in the world. He has vowed to not cease nor desist until this is done. In his travels he shall meet many a strange folk. The ironic jester, whose whimsical tales amuse our hero on his path but who holds the know-how of the business world, having entertained traders and merchants alike and gained secrets which many are not privileged to. The noble and fair lady who offers friendship and kind advice - this young lady is a white rose but is not for the hero to pick. Their worlds are far too different and their views clash on many levels. The old town witch, with her age and wisdom, grants him insight into the world that lies beneath the illusion of sanity and elegance in this world. She has seen much and knows much but is feeble and weak from her years of adventure. She lives only with her guardian, who has many connections in the dark realm of crime and gives helpful advice when dealing with rapscallions of all tiers and creed.

Among his associates we shall wonder upon a true sage of all things mechanical and magical. Sorcery is a indeed a common element in these times and so one can never be unprepared nor rush into a joust without first picking up a lance and shield. A man with years of training in all fields of science and warfare. An old general but a feisty duellist, one who is eager for more battles.

A nobleman also sponsors our young adventurer. He stand by his choices and that of the hero's. Judges none but hears all and finds every experience an interesting one. His travels have shown him the world more than the hero could ever hope to achieve but the upper-class gentlemen envies his friends' diligence and endurance and so he is often left to ponder over the very existence of this young man. Is he a man of many traits or a scoundrel willing to try many things? Time is the only answer here and so he sponsors our hero. The nobleman's mighty white steed follows them on their adventures as does and his beautiful handmaiden who the hero has stronger feelings for than even he knows.

From his childhood we shall also find a fellowship of the brave and smart. This circle of friends comprising of the cynic, the fool, the wise man, the gentlemen and the hero himself. The cynic, being cryptic and vague, has his own view of the world and wishes it to advance at its own pace, as he keeps a chronicle of the things around him. The fool acts before thinking and thinks before judging - one of pure heart and a soul of a kid. The wise man - his words echo through all the libraries and his thoughts are only comparable to scholars of old. The gentlemen is a complex and interesting person for anyone to decipher. He holds his mouth shut when he has nothing to say on the subject but is never at a reach for words and holds his principles to be omnipotent. Forged in the early year, this fellowship has since befallen jealousy, anger, hate, distrust and disloyalty. It's been far too many moons since it has gathered but if it ever does again, our hero would be quite fortunate to attend the meeting.

Our story beings in the depth of the city. Far from the peering eyes of the city guard, who patrol the walls and towers surrounding our events.