How to begin this blog? What questions must you and I answer?

(read fast, has a deeper effect)
(Riddle me this, riddle me that!)

Should I just retell what has happened to me in the past few days?
How about who I felt a connection to? Hate against? Distance from? A complete lack of interest in? A sence of pity for? An overwhelming feeling of love against? Thought of? Touched? Gave up on? Opened up to?

What I consumed? Thought? Fought against? Accepted into my life? Drew? Learned? Learned to love? Loved to hate? Learned to hate? Listened to? Downloaded? Looked at? Saw? Felt? Laughed at? Cried for? Killed? Gave life to? Took life away from? Ruined? Pushed into the public eye? Had tea with?

Why I did what I did? Who I did it with? Who was watching? Why were they watching? What did they see? Who did they tell? Who found out? How much did the rumour spread? Who heard it? Who spread it? Who added to it? Who did I supposedly do? What is my sexual preference? Do I have any sick fetishes? What do I do when I am alone? Who do I think of and are they thinking back? What is going on in my mind? If others knew, would they still think I'm normal? Am I normal? Is or has anyone ever been normal? Who has been the most famous abnormal person in the history of forever? Who the most abnormal person that we don't know of? What did he do? Why do we not know of him?

What are my reasons for wanting to live? Do others share these reasons? Are my reasons acceptable by the people who they involve? If not, why? What is wrong with my reasons? Why are basics human emotions ignored while we shop for shit that adds to everything we are not!? Have we become strangers to love, hate, desire, passion, anger? Must we forever hide these feelings? Why do we fear being judged when it is what makes us as human beings? If, what others think doesn't matter, why do they think at all? All things that don't matter have no use and taking this into account should we get rid of everyone else? Should they get rid of us first? Would it be putting one or the other out of his or her misery?


And why, oh why did you read all of these questions? Are you bored? Are you normal? Are you alone? Are you happy as the person you are? What do YOU want to change about yourself? What would you want others to change for you?
What do you want to say? Who do you want to say it to? What do you need to get off your heart?

Why are you still reading this?