Instead of the regular way a log is made, today and maybe in the future I will be doing all of my writing in dialog form with the needed actions and explanatory sentances. Some of this text is distorted and changed according to how I THOUGHT or FELT about the person / feeling behind said sentance.

Fav. Lyrics of today:

Pink Floyd - Hey You

Hey you, out there in the cold
Getting lonely, getting old
Can you feel me?
Hey you, standing in the aisles
With itchy feet and fading smiles
Can you feel me?

On This Day: School
*The happening of nothing*
*Didn't play beachball*
*End of day -> K goes home*

K- Me (16) (male)
H- Friend of mine, older (2 years) female.
R- Classmate (male)

After school
K: "Hi, you need to buy me booze."
H: "Umm, ok. I'm drying my hair. I'll be right down"
K: *wait for 3 minutes*
*Non-socially she appeared*
H: "Let's go. So, what do you want?"
K: "You seem different, allmost annoyed."
H: "Shut up, what do you want?"
K: "Nope, were not doing this with you behaving like this."
H: "Then I'm going to go home."
K: "Fine"
H: "Bye"
K: "Cyas"
*She gracefully leaves*

*Appearance of a classmate (male)*
K: "So what do YOU want to do?"
R: "I don't really know, I haven't got anything planned. Thinking of heading home"
K: "How about a cup of tea?"
R: "Yeah, that sounds ok. Maybe we can smoke some hookah (waterpipe, no reference to prostitution) later"

*At the cafe*
K: "Tea and some bagels"
R: "I'll have the Same"

*MMm, tea with bagels!*
K: "Blah blah blah"
R: "Blah blah blah"
*Idle chit-chat that you wouldn't be interested in*

*Cellphone* -> Classmate (male)
K: "Where are you?"
M: "I'm bowling! Leave me alone. I'm trying to score with some chicks."
K: "Oook"

K: "More tea and bagels"
R: "Same here, only I want cake"

*Cellphone* -> Same Classmate (male)
R: "Where are you?"
M: "Bowling!"
R: "Where?"
M: *so-not-feeling-like-getting-sued"
R: "We'll be right there."

*Cellphone* -> M again
R: "So where are you now?"
M: "We left."
R: "Well thanks alot. Bastard. (jokingly)"
M: "No problem,"

K: "Now what?"
R: "Idonno."
K: "Let's go to *IRVU* center" <- riddle me this, riddle me that
R: "Why?"
K: "B-Day shopping."
R: "Right."

*IRVU* center
*2 stories and over 22 small shops later*
K: "Hmm, this baseball bat looks pretty sweet."
R: "He into sports?"
K: "Who cares! This is a cool present!"
R: "Next floor?"
K: "Yep"

*1. Floor*
*Noticing of a female M (no-relations to male M)*
R: "Hey, M, what's up."
M: "I'm stuck here 'til 9 O'clock."
K: "We're bored, we'll stay and try not to make to big of fools of ourselves"
M: "Ok."

*A whole lot of stupid jokes, foolish compliments and comments and 5 clients later*
M: "I need to close shop and put on my party face. Piss off (jokingly)"
K: "Cya"
R: "Bye"

*Bus-stop coffee shop*
K: "When is your bus leaving?"
R: "20 minutes or so."
K: "I'm getting some hot cocoa. Want some?"
R: "Sorry, no, can't afford it"
K: "Whatever you say."


R: "We should go."
K: "Right!"

K: *non-interesting and personal text* ... "so I just fell to sleep behind her (nothing sexual, if you weren't there you won't understand)
H: "Hey guys."
R: "Speak of the devil. Oh damn, got to go. Bye."
*R leaves for home on his bus.*
K: "Thought you were heading home."
H: "I was and now I'm back. I'm shopping for a B-Day gift."
K: "And we're off"

*walky walky walky walky walky -> Up the escalator*
H: "Were waiting for a friend of mine."
*K thinks about something*
K: "You're back!"
H: "What do you mean."
K: "You're not negative anymore. Thank god. I didn't like the negative you."
H: *confused* "Ooook"
H: "Something in my eye."
K: "You're doing this on purpose, aren't you."
H: "Oh hey. K (male) this is A (female)."
K: *akward* Hi.
A: "Hi."
*K fallls silent*
H: "So, lets go"
*K follows silently*
A and H ; *idle chit-chat*
*K can't make a funny* (no this is not a mistake, I can't make a funny as in can't make a joke because he feels uninterested by the subject)

*Splitting of K, he leaves alone. A and H leave*
H: "Bye."
A: "(female) : Bye"
K: "Bye H, bye A (male)"
A: "What did you say" (totally shattering Ks defences and leaving him vournable to emotional attacks)
A (cont.): "I shall do something terribly nasty to you in the not-so-distant future"
K *regaining* : "You wouldn't know nasty if it hit you in the face"
A: "Bye"
H: *laugh* "Bye"
K: *humiliated and defeated* "Bye"

*K reaches home and dives into world of his own*

*Present moment*