Edit: This is all fiction. If you belong to some form of law establishment, you may not use this as evidence against me because as stated before. This is and forever will be referred to as fiction. This is not a confession of any sorts. All comments are also me adding to the experience that this fictional writing would have brought with it.

Thank you

So here I am. (I apologize for the improper spelling, the whole screen just seems a bit blurry)
Wasted. Well, not entierly wasted, just drunk. I suppose, being an under aged boy, this would be illegal. Not that
A) I care
B) Anyone reads this.

I'll proof-read this tomorrow. I'm not even looking at the screen. I'm just looking at the keyboard while typing this.
edit: Proof-Read and edited!

We have all been drinkin. All 7 of us.
There is only one girl. But, we are all rather wasted. Doesn't really matter now, does it?

"Well, yes it does" says a friend from above. But I'm thinking he is as wasted, if not more, than me.

"Yeah right!" he smilingly said..

A couple of wines, some liqueur. gin, champagne and other fun stuff.
No drugs though. Say no to drugs young ones. Unless you're Kaur. He is an annoying little bugger.
He is asleep.

Random thought: I like cheese.

Anyway. I'm have revealed my most personal secrets with my most personal friends. I feel happy.
I'm feeling relaxed. If I'd die now. I'd be happy. (dies)

Mart is being an ass and recording this on camera. But I'd still be happy.