Well, well, well, it seems I'm again bored as something really, really, really bored.
Oh god, someone help me. Give me a meaning, give me a reason.

Samuel L. Jackson bitches.
That's right. Samuel "BMF" Jackson.

Bah, I have more to say.
Top-5 of men.
Todays topic: Songs to play during or after sex or sports.

It's a first, I know. Just to be funny I thought I'd make something that's offensive to everyone without
a) a sence of humor.
b) balls.

Now for the good news. I don't have any readers. Yay!
These are songs chosen by me, my top 5 .. maybe not in the correct order or even the best but, whatever.
Enjoy my snappy commentary.
I could be as offensive as I want and I would still be untouchable.
Nobody wants to touch me. *sad face*

  1. Survivor - "Eye of the Tiger". If you don't know this song, go see the rocky pentoligy and the upcoming 6th update. Jesus, the guy who cleans my pool, if you don't know, haven't heard of or hummed this song, I will hunt you down and stick my iPod so fur up your earcanal that you will be deaf for the rest of your sad and pathetic life. *gasp*. I'm going to get insulted for acting like Maddox, the godfather of insulting people on the Intraweb. Mainly by my one reader: Malcolm Lincoln. Give a hand of applause to yourself.
  2. The Doors - "Break on Through". A big hit during the Vietnamese war. If you have a dirty mind it's filled with hidden meanings and if you don't it's about breaking through the jungles and bombing them with napalm, a very liquidy and hot sort-of burning thing, for no real reason. Anyway, this gets the spot nr 2 from me.
  3. Village People - "Macho man".
    Macho, macho man.
    I want to be a macho (man),
    I want to be a macho macho
    (MACHO) ma(haha)n.

    'nuff said.
  4. Bloodhound Gang - "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo". I guess the sex bit is pretty obvious but I would like to explain why this is connected to sports. Ok, the song title is a spin on codenames for letters and what is more sporty than grabbing your automatic rifle and rat-ta-ta away. That or the cheerleaders. Who cares about war and violence when you have girls in skimpy skirts and tight tank-tops. Hurray for cheerleaders. Give me a B. Give me a double-o .. give me a break because I can't talk about other girls in that way anymore.
  5. Daft Punk - "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger". Work it harder, make it better, do it faster. eeeh? eeeh? .. Come on .. get it!

Worth mentioning
  • Tetris Theme, the Russian one. It has rhythm, class and good old Russian style. Plus it's a song that is played while you have to shove different shapes into different holes.
  • Prodigy - "Firestarter". Either you start a fire in the hearts of your teammates, the fans or that special little girl*
    (* all little girls mentioned in this article are 18 or older) this is definetly going to do it. With it's positive and friendly lyrics and up-beat rhythm you are going to score in every possible way.
  • Fatboy Slim - "Rockafeller Skank". Right here, right now. You will win now and you will do it like the video, by eating yourself fat and lazy. Okay, maybe not the best song. I don't think it actually fits at all. But heck, I love listening to this song while I think about playing sports or .. well .. yeah .. SPORTS.

In Movies

Spider-Man 3 teaser/trailer.
The black suit is so sexy. It's so-oh-oh-oh-o cool.
I mean, look at it. Silky-smooth. I haven't seen the second one, although I do intend to, but I will see the third one.
Even if only for that suit.


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