Life, as defined by google.
"Life is a multi-faceted concept. Life may refer to the ongoing process of which living things are a part; the period between the birth (or a point at which the entity can be considered to be living) and death of an organism; the condition of an entity that has been born (or reached the point in its existence at which it can be established to be alive) and has yet to die; and that which makes a living thing alive."

I do not remember my birth, so it must not have happened.
The sun revolves around the center of the galaxy,
the planets around the sun,
the moon around the earth.
We, around the earth.
But I, I move against the current, which defies logic.
Anything that defies logic must also define it.
I do not, thus I do not exist.
I am all that I know, thus, all that I know is me.
I cannot contemplate my death and so I'm not going to die, thus I fail.