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Posted by: TheZin
Learning the shell.

It's geeky, I know.
It's useless to most, I know.
But for people (I hold myself from using the term guys because there may [or may not] be females out there that deal with these kinds of things.) like me, who haven't had much experience with linux and such, it's useful.

That's just an introduction.

These final few weeks are going to be tough.
A 600 page book to read and I'm not much of a book person.
I missed a test (or two) so I have to redo 'em and also we have a bunch of exams that I'm sure of which I will fail.


I got tired of hitting the wall so I made a 'L' letter.

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Posted by: TheZin - Comics: Cyanide and Happiness

Who says you need to have the ability to draw in order to make funny and original comics? AH?

Not me.. I think it was George something.
Not sure. Anyway.. Enjoy!
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Posted by: TheZin
I had this strange thought a few seconds back.
The current generation of gamers and webpeople do, most likely, have an alias of somekind. I'm TheZin. Now obviously this isn't my real name and just putting FirstnameLastname together isn't always going to work and pass over as a really cool / hip / future-slang-term-here.

I'm worried about the coming generations. I know that such classics as n00b (and variations), pwnzer, rock, god, you, me, death, ET/CS/CS:S/DoD/MoHAA - lord are taken (20x over) so what is left for the next gen. of gamers and younglings. Something to do with the culture? Emin3m and all of the variations? They're pretty much screwed. All of the (now-)original names will be taken and we will have hundreds of thousands of noobs, (not that we aren't there already, just that it's going to get a whole lot worse.)

Any comments?
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Posted by: TheZin
Weird, isn't it?

Something you may want to check out.
He will get his html fixed in the following couple of days.
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My life. Well.
  • A film to do.
  • A couple of tests to study for.
  • A few books to read.
  • Friends to satisfy by getting them stuff

I'm not doing any On this day's for a while.
I don't see the point anymore. Nothing happens in my life at the moment that seems to be worth mentioning.

I'll post the movie up somewhere once it's done.

I'm out.

03/04: Updates

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Posted by: TheZin
Because of some lameass spam-bot I was forced to install a comment-check thing.

Does every blog-owner goes through this? Bah.