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I find it funny.
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The Da Vinci Code

Warning, spoilers.
Really, don't read unless you have seen the movie.

Pre P.S.
I'm not good at writing movie reviews, so up yours.

Pre P.S.2. I only write about the bad stuff so you can see and experience the good bits. (both of them)

Pre P.S.3. This is a pretty negative review because, for me, it was a pretty negative movie.

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Dr. Tran!

'nuff said.
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Row, row, row your boat.
Cuban refugees.
If you row fast enough,
you will reach the Keys.

If you're bored or really bored.
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Not much this time.
Except my movie is done. If you're interested (it's in Estonian, you non-existent fans of mine).
Right Click, Save as. Please!
80,9 MB / ~22 Minutes
Requires XVid codec available here: LINK. (Scroll to bottom and the *.zip file)
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Buzy buzy buzy buzy.

Schools a bitch, ain't it.

Press it, you know you want to.

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