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25/11: Nice Guy

Category: Instant
Posted by: TheZin
This IS in song form in my head,
so reading it as a poem MAY fail you.

He gives you roses and money
and he calls you his honey
and he's awfully funny and true.
He's the guy none adore, but you.

He's a nice guy,
such a nice guy.

No class, no style
but what eyes, what a smile.
Melts away and breaks any heart of coal,
Nice until the day he's dead and cold.

He's a nice guy,
such a nice guy,
He's a nice guy,
if only you knew why.

He's a nice guy without hidden plans.
If all else fails, he can
still come through for you.

He's a nice guy,
such a nice guy.
Any problems he has,
to you, he confides.

*Guitar solo and random 'mmm's and 'aahh's.*

He's not romantic any more,
doesn't show up at your door,
Haven't seen his flowers in ages,
Why, in flirting, with strangers, he engages.
(who knows)

All you know is:
He was a nice guy,
such a nice guy.
Romantic dinners with candles and wine,
Guess you've lost your sparkle,
he has lost his shine.

But overall
and after all is said and done.
He's a nice guy,
such a nice guy.

24/11: Styrofoam

Category: Instant
Posted by: TheZin
(Hum to a slowish type of tune)
(Four seconds to read the first line in the speed I'm imaging it.)

Styrofoam faces, all over the board walk.
Touch them and they fall to pieces.
Surgically crafted, highlighted with chalk.
From aunts, to mothers, to sisters, to nieces.

Surgery rules our everyday lives.
What's nice and pretty,
what to hate, to despise.
The TV box is just full of lies.
What do you want to see in your wives?

My nose is too nosy! After chemo, I'll need a wig.
Does this dress make my ass look too big?

No honey, your nose is fine and I don't worry about my hairline.
And that dress is just fine, don't worry. It I can dig.
It's your ass that makes your ass look too big.

21/11: BAM!

Category: Gettings
Posted by: TheZin
Need sleep and discipline!
And drugs, alcohol.
Electronic music wouldn't hurt and maybe good friends.
Sex is on this list too, don't think I forgot it.
I want to travel, I need some objective, some goal.
Maybe I should become a doctor, you know help people
or maybe a politician, I'm pretty good at makin' shit up.
I should protest.

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Category: On this day
Posted by: TheZin
I am sick.

In all explanations of the word.