21/11: BAM!

Category: Gettings
Posted by: TheZin
Need sleep and discipline!
And drugs, alcohol.
Electronic music wouldn't hurt and maybe good friends.
Sex is on this list too, don't think I forgot it.
I want to travel, I need some objective, some goal.
Maybe I should become a doctor, you know help people
or maybe a politician, I'm pretty good at makin' shit up.
I should protest.

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Category: Gettings
Posted by: TheZin
Not much this time.
Except my movie is done. If you're interested (it's in Estonian, you non-existent fans of mine).
Right Click, Save as. Please!
80,9 MB / ~22 Minutes
Requires XVid codec available here: LINK. (Scroll to bottom and the *.zip file)