Mumbles from the darkness. Slowly the pitch-black started to fade into a bright-light. I could feel that I wasn't quite with it and I felt myself hovering over my body.
"Breathe in deeply. Relax. It's all going to be alright." - a voice spoke out. "You've been hit by a car and an ambulance is on the way. Stay with me!"

The voice had no features, it was just a series of sounds with a meaning. I couldn't tell who spoke or even if there was an actual person there but the message came through though. A car - could have happened to anyone but it happened to me.

Was I going to die? Were the injuries severe? Questions started floating into my head. Did anyone else get hurt? Was it my fault? The queries slowly began turning more emotional. Could I live with myself it it had been my fault? Could I survive with that knowledge? Could I have done something differently? It was quite overwhelming. Slowly, one by one, the bright-light developed a texture - nothing certain, but I understood that I was on the ground, I guess the part of my brain that analyzed gravity finally started up again. There was a nudge near my armpit. I was still feeling dizzy and the light took on colours but the questions continued. Did I have a happy life? Who did I wrong and who had wronged me? Will anyone miss me? Would anyone even notice?

I felt fine, I couldn't quite understand which car crash the voice had spoken about. As the textures cleared up and shapes became themselves again I started to realize that the thing that had poked me earlier was indeed my leg. From this angle it kind-of reminded me of a ball of twine, curled up and fuzzy. The lights became brighter again as the voice spoke out once more.

"They'll be here any second now, Howard. Hold on!"

I didn't.

The light is so bright .. if only .. I could ..



The light, it hurts.

"He's back, we have him. The adrenaline did it, right. Get him to the car, we have to stabilize him before we move him."