"Hello, hello" - said the gingerbread man.
With skin so prickly and an even tan.
"A cup of tea I give, I joke I spill.
Until, until I break your will."

With a song and some laughter,
you think you are safe.
You will think you are,
until it's too late.

"Come sit. Come play.
I ask no more.
Come rest, come stay.
You must love me,
ME! Me! Me! You must adore."

"I am alone and I am unique.
The only one in these parts, with a soul.
Nice and warm - won't you take a peek?
This is my home, here I was born."

His frozen lips and frozen eyes.
His lifeless face full of despise.
"Come in, sit down, this cold room is all mine.
Let me turn up the heat, let me make it just fine."

As you sizzle and fizzle, crackle and pop.
No more are you you, just another of the flock.
Brown and crispy. You feel all tan.
Another friend you must make, you're the gingerbread man.