There is going to be a time and a place in the not so distant future where all of this will make sense. Everything leading up to this point will hold within itself more clarity and power than any other piece of fiction or article of fact. Every nerve ending in that tiny little head of yours is going to light up at that moment. You will feel whole and the world makes sense. Anything can trigger this. Feelings such as love or hate. The feeling of emotional engulfment as you get into that university you always wanted to go to. The loss of a loved one.

Once you are there, and this is a very important thing to do, let go. Let go of all the fears and ambitions. You can come back to those in the seconds/hours/days/weeks/months/years that follow, for that one instance, no matter how long it is, let go. Death is everyone's faith but you've made it this far it's time to celebrate.