Bored out of my skull

What's goin' on with my life lately? Well, not a whole lot. I'm witnessing myself become more and more active with other people. It's strange. It's usually something you don't notice but I look at what I do and think: "Wait, what the hell am I doing? Since when have I been doing this?". Does everyone go through this?

The tender age of 16. Speaking as a boy I of course have no idea what how I'm supposed to act. As a male of the species. I haven't got a clue what the females are thinking or what they want. Not knowing what is excpected of you. It's a scary thing. I say I don't care what other people think. Wrong! I care enough to say that I don't care. I'm one messed up person, aren't I?


By the way you read this word one could guess that it is the sound of a fruit hitting the ground in the middle of nowhere. Well, you're wrong. It's the ever-so-popular chinese restauraunt. Of the 7 days that the last week consisted of, I ended up in there on 3.

Once, after school, just to get a small snack.
Noodles with chicken: 28.-
A kettle of tea (3 cups worth): 12.-
Sprite / Fanta: 12.-

It's a really swell place.

The second time was with a classmate. Please note that the word classmate can be used for both males and females. (so hah)

Anyway, spent about 4 hours there with this classmate. Basically, I just told ... this person ... about my life from .. well .. the beginning. About my friends and the things me and my friends have done. Hope my friends don't mind. We finally left around 11 PM. I gave escort to the bus and saw the escorteè off. Then headed and reached home somewhere around midnight.

Then the last time was on friday. We ( and by we I mean 8 people ) wanted to go to La Vità but it was booked and full. So we ended up going to Wok. Most weren't that happy. There was no alcohol. I was actually pleased. People slowly started to go home. Soon it was just 2 of my classmates and myself. We talked for an hour or two. Well, needless to say, soon it was midnight. We (this time the other 2) decided to head home.



A couple of documentaries. Nothing much happening here.


Saw Kiss. Kiss. Bang. Bang., in my opinion funny as heck. A little unrealistic at times but I loved the storyline. It was quite a bundle of twists and turns. 9 out of 11 on my scale of goodness.