August is over. The age of love, life and adventure is indeed coming to a close. An epic span of moments that held moments of purity and love, lust and harmony, carnage and empathy is flipping through it's last frames as summer slowly spins to a halt. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It's over. I have loved and lost. Pondered and become wise. Shrunk in both self-awareness and self-confidence. Everything is as it should be but without all the moral values held true by most of society what is to become of me?

Not a whole lot. As irony and life are determined to fuck me over I have been preparing counter-attack plan. After the last deadly assault by irony, in which I became it's bitch again and oozed irony-goo out of all orifices I do indeed not care any more. The burden of being a cool and normal person is much too much for me to bare and as such I've given up on trying to act or remain normal and sane. I've instead decided to start growing pickles under my bed and begun restoring a very old and worthless ceramic piece of Russian pottery.

I plead insanity and hope to be sentenced to boredom. School is just around the corner, for me this is true in both literal and theoretical ways. I haven't done anything to get ready and I like it this way. Onward to victory!

This has been another secret announcement - don't tell anyone!