Who would have thunk it, eh?
All good things must have a start aswell as coming to an end.
This is obviously one of them.

Fav. Lyrics of today:
Pink Floyd - The Gold It's In The ...

Come on, my friends, let's make it for the hills
They say there's gold but I'm looking for thrills
You can get your hands on what-ever we find
'cause 'm only comin' 'long for the ride

On this day: NOTHING

Hope you're not too disappointed. Whoever you are. Why are you reading this? Why should you care?
Blogs are considered overall to be lame and stupid, so why am I doing this? Who knows and who cares!
I just need an outlet.

Today is Saturday. I did nothing. I woke up at 17:30.
I went to bed at exactly 01:24.

I didn't do anything today and I doubt I will for the rest of the day.
I will update this when something happens and it doesn't morally cripple me.

G'night folks.