Buzy buzy buzy buzy.

Schools a bitch, ain't it.

Press it, you know you want to. Tuesday will be a shitty day. I have 2, count ''em, two russian language tests.
I haven't got a clue, what they are about.

Same for german class. I have dissapointed our german teacher, I'm afraid.
I promised to show up last thursday. Didn't.


We have to do a school project and I (along-side a few friends) are doing a movie about the 12 labours of Hercules.
Well technically we are doing 5 or 4 but I think our effort will be enough.

Guess who has to do the editing and most of the storyline.
Yep, me. Atleast I'm certain we are going to rock the pants off everyone else.
I hope. If I do my job right.

Adobe programs rock! I have the evaluation of After Effects.
It's actually a breeze. I did not think it would be this easy. I mean it is time consuming but it would be alot harder with, say, Windows Movie Maker. To be un-original: Microsoft sucks.

Besides, they do not make WMM for 2000. Technically After Effects does not work on 2000 but with some magic and a dll I found off google it is working just right.

Been doing some effects too.
If you are interested (by you I mean me after I read this for the second time) here are 2 I quite like.
Mace Windu