I am Jack's ...

? Run by TheZin with help from Tonnius, Kaur and Malcolm Lincoln.
Last update to the about page: April 4th 2006. Last jacky: 2009-05-10 03:36:31
2006-03-19 15:34:36, the first official record outside visit. This site went into beta on 16th. Reentered the names on the 18th.

The date above is not the first unofficial visit. This happened on the 18th. Just that I added stats page (personal use only).

This is my project on my creativity and that of my friends'.

I will try to collect 1000 or so unique and custom versions of the phrase from the movie Fight Club.

The first one on the main page is from the original move that inspired me.

This page uses PHP and a MySQL database.

There is an admin control panel which you, the user, will not be able to see.

Unless you ask really nicely.

If there is a real idea behind the name a link can be / is added.

I've planned this project to last until the end of my stay in the 21. School of Tallinn.

That's the year 2008 folks.

(April 4th 2006, 1:27AM) Update 08.01.2006 13:24:36 was the first official record of me using this type of name.

Also added a dating system so I can see when I added & (if) I have edited a jacky. (Which I, from this moment on, will be calling these things)

Unfortunately I didn't do this in the beginning so I just hope that the 18th will satisfy you non-existing fans of mine.

If you have any issues with the links here I will be more than willing to remove them.

However, I have never claimed that any of the links are mine to begin with. This is like a descriptionless blog of random thoughts.

If you wish to contact me be free to do so.

You will find my email address at http://thezin.deviantart.com. The MSN is also my active mail.